It’s good and bad

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Based off of recent blood work I don’t have premature menopause (yay!), I probably have an autoimmune disorder(not yay). Based off of recent blood work, my thyroid is underactive. So whatever is wrong with me is affecting my ovaries and my thyroid. My doctor had blood work done on my adrenal glands and next week I should know the results.

If my adrenal glands are insufficient my doctor believes I have something called called Adrenal insufficiency type II, which is supposed to rare but yay special me, I may have it. If my adrenal glands aren’t being affected then I’m not sure what to do. Probably more blood work. During my latest doctor I asked him what could be affecting both my ovaries and thyroid and he said any sort of autoimmune disorder but named the adrenal insufficiency, which tells me he’s pretty confident that’s what I have.

Doctor prescribed me birth control ( to bring back my periods and restore estrogen to my body) and some thyroid medication to help regulate it. So far so good except I have massive bloating and it’s making me super self conscience. I’ve only been them since Monday so I haven’t had any other massive changes. It’s estimated it’ll be three months before my period fully returns.

While I’m happy for the birth control restoring my body to a normal state, I really hate this.  Little Sister was telling me this sounds like what she went through on birth control and according to her it sounds like my body is having a period without the blood. It’s nice knowing the birth control is working but it puts me a in weird position.

With premature menopause I couldn’t have children. I would have a better chance of becoming the next leader of ISIL and deciding our battle plans based off which food my cats wanted to eat that day than ever naturally conceiving a child. Depending on what’s wrong with me now, there is a greater chance of me being able to have kids.

I’ve never though of myself as a mom because it’s just been assumed that would not be a reality.  Little Sister and I have talked about being moms so much, especially when she was pregnant but it was always what she would do and my advice for her. While I’m not in a relationship and honestly don’t have plans for one right now, it’s just so strange thinking someday I could be a mom.

I’ve tried picturing myself as a mom, as someone’s wife and it’s just a massive foreign concept. Part of the reason I was so against dating is because I thought since I couldn’t have kids, who would want to be with me? Starting a family is such a big deal to a lot of people and it was such a massive blow to my self esteem, I thought why even bother looking for someone?

Now that the whole family life is a reality for me I’m not sure if I even want it. I want to live in a 7×12 Vardo, not a house. I don’t want to get married and I’m still weird about sex. Like yea, you can date me but you can’t live with me and by the way you also can’t sleep with me so deal.

Not exactly the best way to have a relationship.

It feels like I’m stuck at a fork in the road of do I keep doing what I’m doing (which I’m happy doing) or do I start trying to be relatively normal and do a normal thing like actively try to seek a partner and plan for a future with them?

I have no idea. I have no idea what I want. Well no, that’s not true. I want my blood work to come back so I can finally be diagnosed with whatever the fuck is wrong with me. Then I should seek treatment for my eating disorder and  get that diagnosed. I’m fairly certain I have EDNOS but I thought that about the premature menopause and it turned out that wasn’t it. So.

Speaking of eating disorders, I survived Thanksgiving. I also learned I’m way too neurotic to live with people. I spent the holiday with Mom’s parents, her, and Baby Sister. It was so great everyone again but I swear to God, I hate their house. It’s a three bed, two bath house and it’s soooo crowded. There’s only four people yet every single corner has something in it.

Maybe I’m just used to living alone in a relatively empty house or maybe I just hate small cramped spaces, but I was not happy staying there. It was only for two night but good God, I don’t want to do that again. I do want to see my family again though so I’ll just have to suck it up but omigod, ooommmigod, they are like borderline hoarders and don’t even realize. Grandpa is actually probably a hoarder for reals because he kept a bag of trash for no reason once. Even Grandma was confused by that because it was really gross.

But yea, Thanksgiving was great. They made some vegan dishes for me again this year, which is really considerate of them. I felt as though I ate a lot but today, I did not. While I’m still not counting calories I only ate my usual udon noodle dish and two cups of hash browns with some ketchup- which I didn’t finish, there’s exactly 1/3 cup left and I know because I shit you not, I put it in a measuring cup just to be certain. If I wasn’t awake right now I wouldn’t have had the potatoes. Even though I’m getting cravings with the birth control, like the hunger itself isn’t there and drinking coffee or diet soda typically gets rid of the cravings so then I don’t even want to eat. I’m not even sure why I made hash browns because all it did was upset my stomach further and now I just want soda.

I’m going to be an anorexic that lives off of soda and vitamins. I used to hate soda but I swear it’s like the only thing now that doesn’t make me feel sick besides water.

Even though I’m not underweight, still fucking at 113, I’m worried my periods won’t come back because I can’t stop under-eating. On days where I try to push myself, I can’t finish the food. Even though I’m trying not too I feel like I’m falling deeper in the eating disorder. I’m not sure if I have body dysmorphia too because I keep wrapping my hands around my thigh and my neck but when I look in the mirror, I swear nothing has changed and I’m still overweight.

You know I have googled what the average body measurements are and measured myself, multiple times, just to make myself feel better. That’s lasts for like a couple hours then I start obsessing again. I swear I have my measurements for everything memorized but it’s like I must be lying because then I have to double check then I have to google if that’s fat or not. Then I have to check again. Then google again but must go to a different page in case the first one was wrong. Wash, rinse, repeat for an hour, then maybe I’ll be emotionally drained enough to sleep.

This bloating is fucking messing with me too. It’s bad enough I’ve started calculating how much weight I gain naturally throughout the day but now I have to guesstimate how much the bloating is artificially raising my weight, and convince myself it’s fine. Right now I can still think rationally about the bloating but I just feel myself slipping and I think that’s why I’m loosing my appetite. When I can, I’m getting stuff to reduce the bloating. I was doing okay until it started. It’s set me off so bad I wish I could puke up my food but I really don’t want to mess my teeth up. It’s bad enough I’m drinking diet soda again.

Belly dancing has helped out though. A lot of dancers don’t have flat stomachs so that makes me feel better however that’s only taking me so far. I keep telling myself I just need to exercise and tone up and I know realistically I’m at a good weight now but the effed up part of my brain is telling me this is sooo bad and I need to be thinner.

The worst part is if I do have Adrenal insufficiency type II then I’m at risk of developing anorexia. I’m not sure but I guess it has to do with the hormones being messed up, that triggers the e.d? If that is my problem then it would partially explain why I’m having the issue with food now.

For now, I’m going to go. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and good luck with any Black Friday( or is a Black weekend now?) shopping.


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Can’t think of a title today

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For the past couple of days I haven’t been counting calories. I’m still under 1,000 calories per day but I am eating a little more than usual. I’m estimating between 960-970. It low key has me massively stressed about my macro nutrients but I can guesstimate which ones I need to take since I barely deviate my usual diet.

My anxiety has been a bit high today and I frantically started vacuuming and just wandering around the house for no reason. It’s like I can’t focus on anything for too long before I must jump to the next activity. If this keeps up I’m probably going to cave and go back to counting calories.

Normally if I’m anxious, a little bit of cleaning goes a long way for helping me calm down. I think I could probably deep clean the whole house and still feel off today.

In other news, I’m on a waiting list for the Christmas bazaar happening here. I called a little late so I’m not getting my hopes up. This is one of the major bazaars here so I probably shot myself in the foot waiting as long as I did. The lady in charge is going to call me either Tuesday or Wednesday so I’ll know for sure if I got in. Fingers crossed!

My Etsy shop is finally updated. FIN.NAL.LY. I have 90% of my dream catchers and necklaces listed. The rest I’m gradually going to put in, just to keep up some sort of level of activity. At the same time I’ve been updating my facebook and DeviantArt page. I started listing downloadable prints on Etsy and for physical prints, everything is linked back to it’s own posting on DA. Updating across my sites like this normally takes a whole day so I’ve been on butt all day and boy do I feel it.

It does not help my chair is like five years old and has no cushioning to speak of. At least it has little wheels so I can scoot around and scare the cats.

Speaking of cats, Sanu is still with me. I had one person ask about him but they had a dog. Sanu is terrified of dogs. It makes sense given he was feral and there are feral dogs, stray dogs, and coyotes out here. So that person was a no-go. I’m not confident in Sanu’s ability to be friendly and get over his fear of dogs. Martin is still with me too and he’s been gaining more and more confidence over the past week. I haven’t caught him eating plastic so that’s a big improvement. His coat when he was first brought out of the house was white and light grey. It’s now white and near black. He was that sick his coat had changed colors. His gums are still a little pale but he doesn’t have symptoms of being sick and I’ve been monitoring his mouth (he’s a gentle cat but no one likes having their  mouth forcibly opened) just in case though. He had such a shit diet( of plastic and God only knows what else) I think that’s why they’re discolored. It’s a miracle there isn’t anything wrong with him besides some mental trauma.

Anyways, I’ve been keeping up with belly dancing and I’m getting more confident with my ability to someday do a video of myself practicing. I only know three moves right now though so it’d probably be a bit boring though.

Lately I’ve been driving myself mad looking at my body. I’ve been pinching myself a bit more, where I feel like I have a lot of fat. It’s a little distracting belly dancing because I have to stare at myself in the mirror to make sure my form is right. I can still wrap my hands around the lower part of my thigh and recently measured myself and I have 28 inch waist. That has done nothing to help me see myself as not fat. It’s like I’m hallucinating being at a normal weight even though I can physically do things ( like wrap my hands around my thigh) that I couldn’t at 145. It’s so weird and I can’t get over that.

I keep trying to tell myself I look fine but then I look at my stomach or feel my neck or whatever and all I can think about is how fat I am and how I still have such a long way to go. At one point a couple days ago I actually started thinking maybe my scale was broke and because it’s digital I’m not sure how to fix to make it read 145 again. I got over that but the fact I was even thinking  that way is mind boggling. Hence why I started not counting my calories.

Anyways, please check out my Etsy shop. It’s finally been updated and I have links to my DeviantArt on there too where most of my pictures are available as prints.


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That One Thing

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You ever have that one thing you do or think and suddenly everything starts falling back into place and you’re becoming okay again? For me that thing is day dreaming (& saving up for) living a Vardo-inspired tiny house and belly dancing.

I started belly dancing last year and it was so much fun, I wanted to continue the classes but then it snowed and I only have a little four wheel drive-less Corrolla so that was a massive no-go. Then I fell out of practice over the summer due to work and just now am getting back into it. I’m so badly out of practice it hurts. I thought of doing a gif or two for the blog but I look so awkward. Like looking at the videos, my weight isn’t really the issue, my awkward hand motions and how stiff I look is. Which is good in a sense because now I’m starting to focus on other things that aren’t weight related and anything that can pull me out this is good. Except it is really bothersome how out of practice I look😖

Last night when I was practicing I felt really sluggish and tired so since I didn’t eat a whole lot that day I made myself dinner and ate the cookies of the devil👿, a.k.a oreos. It’s the same with jogging too. Like I want to be able to do the thing and I know it really comes down to eating more so I want to eat more for the thing but omigawd, the calories kill me.

I’m not anywhere near fixed because despite right now I am hungry it’s a bit of struggle to make the damn food. I still have numbers wrapped up in the my head and if I wasn’t wanting to practice belly dance or jog then I wouldn’t be eating so much.

Like today I couldn’t even the finish the sandwich. It was just so big(to me) and all the calories I knew I was eating was starting to make me sick. So I know this isn’t a quick fix. All of this got started due to me not knowing how to control my anxiety and being massively stressed out all year.

I feel like this is a sort of break through for me though. I’m feeling better enough to not restrict as heavily or exercise at least half of it off. That’s progress, right?

Today I went to see the dentist to check up on my teeth. They’re looking much better than the last time, so my worst nightmare is not coming true, thank God. They were notified about my hormone disorder too so that’s on my record. Looking back at my food records on Cron-o-Meter, fluoride never shows up and I’ve looked up foods that naturally have it, inputted them, and nothing. So I think this is some sort vitamin deficiency on my end, made worse by disorder. All my oral care stuff has fluoride now. Not I like I’m against fluoride, I just never paid much attention to the tooth paste I was grabbing beyond the brand and flavor. That bite me in the butt, to say the least. So yea, not really sure how to get more fluoride in my diet because it’s not really packaged as a supplement or anything. At least I’ve been taking supplements for calcium and magnesium.

I’m still kinda bad at taking them consistently 😐. I’m sure that didn’t really help either. Like yea I have health issues and I’m at an increased risk for things so let’s forget to take the things that could help me not get the bad things, fml. I’m going to stat setting vitamin alarms on my phone so I’ll remember to take them. In theory.

Anyways, the worst tooth nightmare is a bottom wisdom coming in sideways like an asshole. Yea, I have to see a fucking oral surgeon for that one😂 😤 Wisdom teeth are dicks and I hate them.

So now I’m off to say “Fuck you!” to tomorrow and I’m going to rearrange my house. Sort of. And basically not sleep. I’m feeling inspired and happy and I’m going to eat some Daiya mac ‘n’ cheese even though it’s nearly 1000 calories and not count it because right now I can say fuck calories and I want to roll with it while I still can. I’m not happy with what I see in the mirror and I’m still embarrassed by my body but I really want to belly dance and switch up my house so whatever, right?

~~~without the mac’n’cheese &  house cleaning burnt calories added~~~
🍂Calories Ate: 770.3
🍂Calories Burned: 315.5
🍂Net Calories: 459.9
🍂Macro Nutrients: 21%

Brunch today was a vegan sandwich I got from Natural Grocers. I didn’t finish it. It didn’t taste good to me and I’m fairly certain that is because of whatever the fuck is wrong with me. Like the first couple bites were good then I made the mistake of logging it and my appetite flew out the window.

Dinner today was Annie’s Vegan mac’n’cheese with pasta shells. I added in some mixed veggies and pepper to it. I ate the whole thing 😌 Also Daiya > Annie’s. I like their mac’n’cheese better. Fight me if you disagree.

Not pictured is the bamboo shoots I snacked on. I soaked in rice vinegar and Sriracha sauce. My mouth was on fire but they were so good. I love Sriracha but dear Lord, I need some milk after I’m doing eating anything with it.







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OKaY GrandMAaAAa, can we not?

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The bazaar was fun. I sold two necklaces, one beaded & a pendant, and two dream catchers. I know that’s actually not a lot but for the bazaar being a one day event in a tiny town, that’s pretty good. The charity group Grandma volunteers at was also there, taking orders for Christmas wreathes, so she was also there and had to awkward it up.

Mind you, I’m fairly certain she has EDNOS so any weight comments she makes I’m not sure how exactly to respond to them. Like I know what triggers me and I can kinda guess what sets her off but overall I just don’t know what to say. She’s overweight and due to osteoarthritis, taking steroid medication, lack of exercise(partially due to the osteoarthritis), and has an unhealthy diet, it’s hard for her to loose weight.

Mom and Baby Sister were out again to visit this weekend and they were babysitting Nephew while Little Sister and Fiancee were at work. Mom was going to bring me lunch but due to Nephew teething and being fussy that whole plan fell apart. When teething he’s a massive handful, like how most toddlers are. So I told her to forget about it and I’ll just eat after the event. It was 9am- 3pm so not that long and I actually ate breakfast so it was no biggie. I’ll admit I was a little frustrated,  I’ve been fighting with insomnia and only got two and half hours of sleep so I was hangry, anxious, very tired, and I think it showed a little.

Grandma came over a couple of times to chat and basically snoop and asked about my lunch. I told her I wasn’t hungry and I was going to eat afterwards. Loudly she gasped in shock, like some people actually looked over at us, and she kept trying to push me to eat the food for the vendors. Well I couldn’t eat any of it because none of it was vegan and honestly salty chips and whatever the fuck else they had did not sound appealing anyways.

She then did a anxious laugh and said “No wonder you don’t gain weight, you don’t eat anything!” and then went scampering back off to her table. Like fuck me, Grandma, can she be even more awkward? She was being loud too. It was so bad. The vendors across from me kept looking over and I was so embarrassed.

I swear I’m not even that thin and it just made me feel weird. I’ve been off and on low key binging since Mom and Baby sister visited and it’s frustrating because I’m not hungry but I keep eating. Like it’s not full on binging but for me it’s bad.  I’m plateaued at 113 right now and it’s really frustrating. Because of the insomnia I’m trying to eat at night so it’s easier to fall asleep but I just feel like I’m eating too much.

I’ve started jogging. It’s super cold outside so I’m jogging in my house. It’s funny because the cats will sit at various locations and watch me. It freaks them out so badly. I used to hate running but being in my house and not being timed by anyone or watched makes it kinda enjoyable. I get how jogging helps improves peoples moods because I actually felt a little better afterwards.

Getting into some serious stuff, my anxiety has been a bitch lately. Like I want to get meds for it but I’m scared about talking to my doctor. It’s been easier for me to fall into an anxiety episode but at the same it’s easier for me to get out of it so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’m chalking part of it up to not sleeping well. I’m having issues sleeping on my futon because my fucking hip bone sticks out too much when I lay down (on my side) and it makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been on my couch and that was fun like the first night but now I swear, I want to set my couch on fire. It’s not fun anymore. I never use my couches, like ever and this does not endear them to me.

I got stuck with another cat. Fml… Sanu is officially up on Craigslist, it took awhile getting him ready to be adopted. Hopefully I can get him adopted out in the next week or so. I love him dearly and I’m so happy he let me turn him into a house cat, it’s time to get him moved onto his forever home. The other cat I got was very much not intentional. It’s a bad situation so I’m not going into details but in a nutshell my great uncle is in assisted living and we got his dog and cat. His dog was euthanized due to age and enough medical conditions that the vet flat out told Mom it’s kinder to put him down. The cat, Martin, thankfully did not have to euthanized.

Except now he has to live with me because I’m the magical cat rehabber🙃 Currently my cat total is up to five 🙃😓(Please someone adopt Martin and Sanu) and I live for day when it’s just Clar, Dexter and me. But yea, back to Martin. I don’t have any pictures of him yet but he is sweet kitty that did not deserve to get stuck with my great uncle. He was a hoarder among other things and it was such a bad situation for humans and animals.

Like Baby Sister went into his house once and got sick. You could not enter that house without a something over your face to protect your breathing. It was so bad like what you’d see on the Hoarders tv show, with all the trash and animal waste everywhere, it was so disgusting I don’t know how the dog and Martin didn’t drop dead from breathing issues.

Poor Martin used to eat plastic, like the other day I caught him licking a plastic bag, and he can’t even meow properly. It’s one of those situations where being a minimalist is coming in handy because I don’t have a lot in my house and I think the emptiness really helps him. I’m hoping to have him adopted him out before Christmas but we’ll see. Poor cat has some mental issues. Some of his behaviors are similar to Luna and she has feline hyperesthesia. With any luck, it’s not lifelong and he’ll get over it soon. I’m really happy I have the experience I do with Luna because some of it is coming in handy when dealing with Martin.

I swear though, after Clar and Dexter pass away I’m probably not going to get another cat. I’m getting catted out. I wish Mom and Baby Sister would stop finding animals to save because inevitably they get left with me since Mom refuses to learn how to Craigslist to adopt them out. Anyways, yea I’m catted out.

🍂Calories Ate: 844.0
🍂Calories Burned: 353.6
🍂Net Calories: 490.4
🍂Macro Nutrients: 31%

Today’s food was seven oreos and then same Udon dish I normally dish do. I haven’t been too creative lately. Like I kinda hate oreos now. Seven cookies are 493.73 calories. That’s an entire meal. Like wtf? I don’t think I’m going to get them anymore, I started to feel sick eating them today. Nevermind the level sugar for seven oreos alone is enough to fucking kill me. So yea, my brief adventure into forbidden foods has once again kinda back fired because now I don’t want to eat them.




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Sorry this is on my phone

***I’m not okay so this is my panic rant I swear I’ll be fine by morning but right now I need somewhere to vent.***

I hate using my phone for this because of the way I have to type. Like I need a keyboard that hooks up to my phone. I just shut off my laptop and I don’t want to turn it back on.

After I made the last post I decided to eat something more. So I made up some veggies and tofu. It was basically what I ate earlier without the Udon noodles so about ~70 calories. 

And that has me in tears. I started in on my negative chanting and the urge to puke is almost overwhelming. I don’t know why I have this phobia around my teeth but it is literally the only thing preventing me from becoming bulimic at this point and I’m really scared it’ll get to the point where I won’t even care and I’ll just vomit everything back up. If I could puke after every meal I totally would. 

Its just 70 calories but I feel like I failed. I ate something outside of my meals and now I’m going to get fat. Never mind when my family was visiting I ate a shit ton of tortillas and now I’m massively bloated because for.some.damn reason I can’t eat anything with flour without magically gaining 5 lbs. I know if I don’t eat bread in a couple of days I’ll go back down to 113 because this has before but right now I don’t even care because when I weighed myself this morning I was 115 and that’s all that matters right now. 

Omigod  I swear having to go back fix everything I type its making my angry sad and I just want to curl and feel my stomach rumble. I haven’t felt truly hungry in awhile and I’m worried I got used to eating again and I really don’t want to eat tomorrow. When Mom was here she making comments about how little food I have. I don’t want her to catch on. She told me I look good and I’m skinny but I swear to God all I see is fat. 

I feel like nothing has changed between 145 and now. My stomach is huge, my arms are huge, my thigh gap is a lie because my fucking thigh are huge, like nothing about me is skinny. I can wrap my hands around my thigh but I swear I must be hallucinating because everytime I look down they’re still so fucking fat. I think my wrists are permnately swollen too because they haven’t changed at all. I want to take body check pictures so I can compare to the last set I took but I don’t think I can even look at myself right now. 

I don’t want to cry anymore but I feel so damn numb. It’s like I’m not even typing this. Earlier I was looking at myself and I look so tired. I’ve  always had dark circles but it looked like someone punched me, it was so bad. I don’t know how Mom can say I look good. I don’t feel good. 

Okay Grandpa, can we not? Part

*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🍂☕🍂・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

Well that was wonderful. Mom and Baby Sister came out to visit me for the weekend. I haven’t seen them in awhile so it was really nice being able to hang out with Mom and both sisters. Nephew was also happy because he got lots of attention from four women, the little dork. A funny story about him, he took his very first step towards a little girl. He’s only one and already a massive flirt😘

As the title implies, Grandpa once again did something he was not supposed too. Where I live is a little local charity group that helps children in poverty and my Grandma is pretty much a lifetime volunteer with them. She’s one of the people that actually restarted it out here in the 90’s because for awhile it was defunct.

One of the things they do to raise money is make and sell Christmas wreaths and swags. They are really lovely and it’s like this town wide thing where everyone gets a wreath from them, even the school and all the businesses. The holidays really do tie this community together. While it’s not normally an issue, this year it was pain in the ass for exactly two reasons.

  1. Grandpa has a bad heart and enjoys pushing himself.
  2. And this happened 🙃:videotogif_2017.11.07_16.23.09.gif

Gathering greenery for the wreaths wasn’t too bad. My fingers went numb and I’m probably fighting off a cold but it was really pretty up there. I keep telling myself I need to go up and take pictures during the summer because it is so lovely and peaceful but I haven’t. Next year for sure. If I was on my own I could wander out to some of the cliff edges and get some proper shots of the valley. Trying to snap pictures from Grandpa’s moving truck is not ideal.

Thankfully this year we had a lot of help so Grandpa didn’t really need to cut any greenery except he totally went sneaking off to cut and I had to stalk him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself.

The Popular Stalking GIFs Everyone's Sharing

Actually me watching Grandpa

I gave up trying to cut any greenery and instead followed him around and randomly appeared to collect the branches he cut. He tried sneaking off twice but I’m like a freakin’ hawk. Can’t escape me Grandpa. I see you trying to reach over your head

I felt so bad for one of the high school students volunteering, she only had on sneakers. I had on snow boots, snow socks, and regular socks and my toes were still frozen. One of the other members brought a power saw and was literally cutting down some of the smaller trees and someone else had a tarp they would pack branches on and then drag back to the trucks. Totally made the whole process easier.

Animals | - Page 49

Actual photo of me traveling across the countryside

After lunch we were done. No one wanted to be up there in the snow and we had six trucks packed with greenery so it was called about an hour and half in.

I think I should mention we did have a permit to go up there. I swear it’s not like a bunch of old people, some high school students, and myself went sneaking up to the mountain with six trucks and a power saw to prune the trees in secrecy.

Today was a bit productive day. The weather was calm enough I was able to get all my hoses put away, buried all my saplings, the Iris-Yucca- Rhubarb patch, and my bushes in cut grass(which is going to be a pain next year to clean but at least frost won’t kill them), and managed to get a small burn pit dug so I can now properly dispose of all the damn weeds. Where I live I can burn, I’m not in city limits. Just thought I’d mention that.


A project I’ve been wanting to get done for awhile now is getting my dream catchers hung up. Well guess what? Dream catcher wall! They were hung on my cupboards and with cats that enjoy playing in the cupboards, it was only a matter time before one fell victim to tiny kitty paws. But now they are safe from little paws and properly displayed! Now if I could sell them that would be great. Of course I should probably be taking better pictures and actually updating my Etsy shop but I’m thinking that should wait until after the bazaar.

🍂Calories Ate: 597.1
🍂Calories Burned: 91
🍂Net Calories: 506.1
🍂Macro Nutrients: 56%

Food today was Udon noodles, baby corn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, frozen veggies, and some yellow bell pepper. Not pictured is the tortilla with avocado and salsa. So two meals, which is pretty good given how stressed about my weight I’ve been. There was not a whole lot of exercising going on today. I think I’m getting sick from going up in the woods 🤒

I have some cold medicine so I’m going to preemptively take the night time doses and see if that helps. Having my net be so high (I know it’s not but for me that’s like really high) is a little stressful but I can’t garden because it’s now hella cold and I just straight up have no energy. Good thing I have lots of vegetables and vitamins though! Gonna kick this cold’s ass before it even strikes 😤💪🏼🍵


*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚Happy Fall・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*Pumpkingirl for blog.png*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🍂☕🍂・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*


In which I complain about my job

*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

My job, a.k.a my Dad,  I mean.

My parents divorced when I was five but the memories I do have of them being together are not happy. Weirdly enough I do remember trying to kill myself at five. In my baby mind I thought if I jumped off the front porch I would hit my head die because my Mom would tell me not to play on the steps otherwise I could well, hit my head and die. They were having a real bad argument one day and I was so miserable I thought maybe if I died they wouldn’t fight anymore so I jumped off the steps and face planted into the sand. Obviously I did not die but knowing that was an actual suicide attempt by my five year old self is pretty surreal.

Dad and Job are tied together due to him being the unofficial boss of the family farm. I should mention he does drugs and drinks consistently so it’s a game of “Is he drunk, high, or just a bitch today?” Sometimes it’s a combination of all three. I’m really happy my Mom got custody of us and honestly I’m only sticking around for my Grandparents at this point.

I don’t love him, in fact I resent him. As a Christian I don’t feel comfortable feeling that way about my father, hot damn though I can’t stand him.

Before we go further, there is a lot more to this story than what I’m saying. The internet is not the appropriate place to air all my grievances, especially regarding my family and all their lovely skeletons.

At this point I don’t imagine my relationship with him surviving past the death of my Grandparents. As it stands, I dislike referring to him as my Dad so I’ll simply call him Fubi. I’m not explaining that one. It’s funny in a sad sort of way.

Fubi at best is a mediocre father, at worst emotionally abusive and neglectful. I got enough of that from Step Dad, I don’t need it from Fubi.

Today he was training me to do something called harrowing. Basically you take a giant metal net, hook it up to a tractor, and drag it across a field to knock down gopher mounds. It is as easy as sounds and it took less than five minutes for me to understand what to do.  Despite having a bad back, he stayed in the tractor for about an hour ranting. Thankfully none of it was directed at me and I’m not going into detail about what was said and honestly all the issues are of his own making so I just disregarded it.

However, he stresses me the fuck out. The entire hour my anxiety went from 0 to 100 in .001 seconds. I can not handle being around him. I never know which Fubi I’m getting and what he’s going to criticize(unjustly) me on.  I have a headache and binged my way up to 662.7 calories, when it was hovering around a nice ~400. It wasn’t a real binge but I over ate with dinner and now my stomach hurts.

After he left I was really angry about nothing in particular, just sitting in the tractor pissed off as can be for no reason. Being around him and working for him pushes me back into my depression and I almost started having suicidal thoughts. I work so hard to not think that way and an hour with him and I’m back to square one.  It’s no wonder the eating issues started happening now that I’ve been around him consistently for two years. Yes I am blaming him for making my anxiety so bad I developed an eating disorder.

I managed to catch myself but I was going down a real negative path and it scares me how easy it was to fall back into the habit of calling myself stupid, fat, worthless…. everything mean that I could say to myself I started to say. I’m okay now but this is just another reminder of why I need another job. Another year around him and I’ll probably start drinking.

On a side note, did you know you burn calories driving? I knew that but I didn’t know how much. Hint: it’s a lot and truckers are fat because they eat too much.

🎃Calories Ate: 662.7
🎃Calories Burned: 651.6- all from being in a tractor! Given how hungry I was after I guess it makes sense.
🎃Net Calories: 11.1- and I honestly can’t eat anymore to bring my net up. I legit tried and all I have to show for it is a stomach ache.
🎃Macro Nutrients: 25%- it’s cause I’m not taking my vitamins today. I should’ve taken them in the morning but I forgot.

Today is one of those weird days where I ate three times. For breakfast it was veggies and tofu because I woke up late and rushed making lunch. It wasn’t until I had the tofu cut and cooking did I realize it will not keep until lunch. So breakfast was an accident but I still ate it. Lunch was plain potatoes, bell pepper slices, and some chips. I meant to have more in there but I ran out of fruit and again, woke up 30 minutes late, and dinner was Udon noodles, tofu, and veggies. I’m trying really hard to eat my tofu before it expires. Honestly, I didn’t finish dinner. I made way too many noodles out of anger and I’m a bit sad about it now. I still have a headache too. Today was a hard day for me.



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