Tired Gardening

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The best part of waking up with cats is heading to the bathroom only to see they puked all over the hall rug. It’s not like the rug was loved, in fact I kinda hated it but at the same they didn’t need to do that.

So I didn’t fall asleep until damn near 4 am. No idea why I had such trouble but it really sucked- I’m hoping some tea and Valerian root knocks me out tonight since I have to be at my sister’s at 5:30 am 😅. I woke a bit late to say the least(10 am) but I did try gardening. For like only two hours. I was really tired.

It went from this mess:1073.jpg

To this mess:1077.jpg

I swear most of the two hours was spent digging up all the rocks. If I had been more awake I would’ve put all the rocks in a pile and taken a picture just to show my pain. Currently all rocks are being tossed back onto my driveway where they belong. The plan is next year I’m going to get a bunch of Rabbit resistant flowers and bark and fill this space in. It’ll be really nice actually having a garden and not staring at weeds.

Tomorrow I have to watch my nephew but the day after I’m totally planning on coming back out and trying to get more done. Around the Maple tree needs to be cleared away and I’m going to lay down some grass clippings to help cover the up the base. I don’t want the frost to kill it.

My little Maple tree looks so sad. I swear it’s still alive. Plants take like a year to get used to being here and then they’re pretty hardy. It’s just surviving all the frost and wind. I have a Box Elder that looked like this all of last year but it came back pretty strong.  I know it sounds a little silly but coffee grounds are amazing fertilizer for plants out here. Gardening in a desert is only daunting if you let it be daunting.

So food wise today was average.

🌸Calories Ate: 728.6 (definitely good today)
🌸Calories Burned: 478.1 (all from gardening and throwing those frickin rocks)
🌸Net: 250.6 (Um, well at least I ate a bit more)
🌸Macro Nutrients: 35% (Yea, I didn’t take my vitamins today)

Udon with a Mandarin Orange and vegetables, a handful of Almonds, and I finished off the rest of the chips 😊 Admittedly it was an almost hate eat because I really wanted to toss them but I was tired after gardening and caved.




*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*