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That was rather disappointing. giphy (5)

First and foremost, the Illinois archives are a dead end. I couldn’t find anything for Elizabeth and they couldn’t help me because even though I requested a search for emancipation documents on the Barker’s (under the assumption they are African- American), I was told they had no idea what sort of documents I was requesting. Like who doesn’t understand that I’m looking for emancipation and slave documents in a given time frame with the family name, occupation, county lived in, and name of their daughter plus her birth date. Okay, yea that apparently wasn’t clear enough. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

I’m fairly certain this is why people hire professional genealogists, they’re taken seriously and given access to stuff. I’m trying figure out the ethnicity of my great 4x Grandmother, not whatever the Hell they thought I was going to do with the information. So bleh. Back to square one with Elizabeth.

Pluard Family - Elizabeth Barker - Back Far Right, Mary Louise LaFleur - Back Far Left

Not sure when this was taken but it was in Oregon.

Elizabeth is on the back right. Mary, her daughter, is next to her. The women in front right is Mary’s daughter Susan (it’s not known for sure if it’s Susan or another daughter) and two of Susan’s daughters. Some family were wondering why Mary looks older and I think it’s because she lost her husband in a logging accident pretty early on in her marriage. During this period in Oregon there were exclusion laws against African- Americans, even though Elizabeth and her daughters came in at a time where the laws weren’t as harsh, it looks like they still had a lot of restrictions to face. So given all that combined with her strained relationship with her mother, I can imagine life aging her fairly rapidly. In the picture Elizabeth looks more African- American so I think she had, at the very least, one African-American parent. I wish this was in color. Susan I believed married a man of European descent (plus her father was French-Canadian) so it appears Mary’s genetics didn’t really pass on. Unfortunately there aren’t pictures of the other children so I don’t overall how the family looked. Most of the cousins today tend to be a bit dark, with light olive colored skin and dark eyes and hair- pretty much how I look tends to be the standard appearance. Overall, we look very Native/Euro mixed which is pretty much what the family is. Very few of us are actually 100% Native.

I really want the dna kits to get processed already.

Now onto my first day of work. The Glass door reviews were right about the location I’m working at and that’s not a good thing. The manager went on a tangent about how much she hates work place gossiping during orientation and during my lunch break I got to witness firsthand how bad the gossip is. To make matters a little off, the supervisor training me was the subject of the gossip.  Needless to say my first day did not leave me with a good impression and despite being on the floor for three hours I still have no idea what my duties are. The training was really lackluster by everyone involved. Something that was unsurprisingly mentioned in the Glassdoor reviews. Ya know, I had two other potential employers call me for interviews and I really wish I hadn’t passed on them.

I’ve been in another place where the gossip was bad, made worse by the fact the department manager was an emotionally unstable alcoholic the store leader was actively trying to replace, so I know how bad gossip can ruin a work place. So this is a bit discouraging but for the most part I work independently of others so that’s nice. Now if I can figure what exactly I’m supposed to do, things will be fine.

Now onto good news. Actually it’s great news 🙂



Not even noon and I had a sell on my Etsy shop.  One of my more popular dream catchers finally sold, which is great for the customer because today’s the last day of the sale I had going on. Have to admit I’m a little sad to see it go. I don’t have anymore purple roses and that was the last of the pastel rainbow yarn.  It’s only a 10% sale so all in all, not too spectacular. I want to move old merchandise and for the most part, a lot of my old dream catchers have finally sold. Most of them are leftover Winter themed ones that probably won’t sell until, well this Winter.

On Instagram I’m a bit more active and most of my new stuff or projects get posted up on there. Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»

One good thing about my job is I’m 100% on my feet for about six hours so I feel fairly comfortable with eating on work days. Which is nice because doing an hour and half commute on an empty stomach is not fun. So yea, I gots that going for me at least.

Overall, today was a bit of a fail with eating. I’m probably at ~750 calories or so. I ate two meals and an apple. At least I got a snack in.

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Winter Bazaar

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This weekend was a bazaar in my local area. I sold the wall hanging and like nine necklaces, which is pretty massive for a small town event. It snowed the second day so it was pretty empty. Some people did show up and a last minute customer really made my day. She bought three necklaces- two for her granddaughters and one for herself. I forgot to have out business cards for the first day so that kinda sucks. I think rearranged my table like nine different times over the course of the event. It was mainly the necklaces I kept changing up.

My logic was if I kept making my table look different people who’ve seen it before will still stop to look to what changed. It worked 😉😏.  Didn’t help out much with sells but people did come by more. I wish I took a picture of how I had before the event ended, I really liked the set up.

All last night and part of this morning I’ve been updating my FB page and Etsy. I changed up the background I’m using and thankfully got a new light bulb in my lamp and it’s made a world of difference. Now I just need to figure out what to do for dream catchers, they’re so big and laying them flat just doesn’t quite work so I’m probably going to create something needlessly elaborate to get better pictures of them. My house is not built with great natural lighting in mind.




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OKaY GrandMAaAAa, can we not?

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The bazaar was fun. I sold two necklaces, one beaded & a pendant, and two dream catchers. I know that’s actually not a lot but for the bazaar being a one day event in a tiny town, that’s pretty good. The charity group Grandma volunteers at was also there, taking orders for Christmas wreathes, so she was also there and had to awkward it up.

Mind you, I’m fairly certain she has EDNOS so any weight comments she makes I’m not sure how exactly to respond to them. Like I know what triggers me and I can kinda guess what sets her off but overall I just don’t know what to say. She’s overweight and due to osteoarthritis, taking steroid medication, lack of exercise(partially due to the osteoarthritis), and has an unhealthy diet, it’s hard for her to loose weight.

Mom and Baby Sister were out again to visit this weekend and they were babysitting Nephew while Little Sister and Fiancee were at work. Mom was going to bring me lunch but due to Nephew teething and being fussy that whole plan fell apart. When teething he’s a massive handful, like how most toddlers are. So I told her to forget about it and I’ll just eat after the event. It was 9am- 3pm so not that long and I actually ate breakfast so it was no biggie. I’ll admit I was a little frustrated,  I’ve been fighting with insomnia and only got two and half hours of sleep so I was hangry, anxious, very tired, and I think it showed a little.

Grandma came over a couple of times to chat and basically snoop and asked about my lunch. I told her I wasn’t hungry and I was going to eat afterwards. Loudly she gasped in shock, like some people actually looked over at us, and she kept trying to push me to eat the food for the vendors. Well I couldn’t eat any of it because none of it was vegan and honestly salty chips and whatever the fuck else they had did not sound appealing anyways.

She then did a anxious laugh and said “No wonder you don’t gain weight, you don’t eat anything!” and then went scampering back off to her table. Like fuck me, Grandma, can she be even more awkward? She was being loud too. It was so bad. The vendors across from me kept looking over and I was so embarrassed.

I swear I’m not even that thin and it just made me feel weird. I’ve been off and on low key binging since Mom and Baby sister visited and it’s frustrating because I’m not hungry but I keep eating. Like it’s not full on binging but for me it’s bad.  I’m plateaued at 113 right now and it’s really frustrating. Because of the insomnia I’m trying to eat at night so it’s easier to fall asleep but I just feel like I’m eating too much.

I’ve started jogging. It’s super cold outside so I’m jogging in my house. It’s funny because the cats will sit at various locations and watch me. It freaks them out so badly. I used to hate running but being in my house and not being timed by anyone or watched makes it kinda enjoyable. I get how jogging helps improves peoples moods because I actually felt a little better afterwards.

Getting into some serious stuff, my anxiety has been a bitch lately. Like I want to get meds for it but I’m scared about talking to my doctor. It’s been easier for me to fall into an anxiety episode but at the same it’s easier for me to get out of it so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’m chalking part of it up to not sleeping well. I’m having issues sleeping on my futon because my fucking hip bone sticks out too much when I lay down (on my side) and it makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been on my couch and that was fun like the first night but now I swear, I want to set my couch on fire. It’s not fun anymore. I never use my couches, like ever and this does not endear them to me.

I got stuck with another cat. Fml… Sanu is officially up on Craigslist, it took awhile getting him ready to be adopted. Hopefully I can get him adopted out in the next week or so. I love him dearly and I’m so happy he let me turn him into a house cat, it’s time to get him moved onto his forever home. The other cat I got was very much not intentional. It’s a bad situation so I’m not going into details but in a nutshell my great uncle is in assisted living and we got his dog and cat. His dog was euthanized due to age and enough medical conditions that the vet flat out told Mom it’s kinder to put him down. The cat, Martin, thankfully did not have to euthanized.

Except now he has to live with me because I’m the magical cat rehabber🙃 Currently my cat total is up to five 🙃😓(Please someone adopt Martin and Sanu) and I live for day when it’s just Clar, Dexter and me. But yea, back to Martin. I don’t have any pictures of him yet but he is sweet kitty that did not deserve to get stuck with my great uncle. He was a hoarder among other things and it was such a bad situation for humans and animals.

Like Baby Sister went into his house once and got sick. You could not enter that house without a something over your face to protect your breathing. It was so bad like what you’d see on the Hoarders tv show, with all the trash and animal waste everywhere, it was so disgusting I don’t know how the dog and Martin didn’t drop dead from breathing issues.

Poor Martin used to eat plastic, like the other day I caught him licking a plastic bag, and he can’t even meow properly. It’s one of those situations where being a minimalist is coming in handy because I don’t have a lot in my house and I think the emptiness really helps him. I’m hoping to have him adopted him out before Christmas but we’ll see. Poor cat has some mental issues. Some of his behaviors are similar to Luna and she has feline hyperesthesia. With any luck, it’s not lifelong and he’ll get over it soon. I’m really happy I have the experience I do with Luna because some of it is coming in handy when dealing with Martin.

I swear though, after Clar and Dexter pass away I’m probably not going to get another cat. I’m getting catted out. I wish Mom and Baby Sister would stop finding animals to save because inevitably they get left with me since Mom refuses to learn how to Craigslist to adopt them out. Anyways, yea I’m catted out.

🍂Calories Ate: 844.0
🍂Calories Burned: 353.6
🍂Net Calories: 490.4
🍂Macro Nutrients: 31%

Today’s food was seven oreos and then same Udon dish I normally dish do. I haven’t been too creative lately. Like I kinda hate oreos now. Seven cookies are 493.73 calories. That’s an entire meal. Like wtf? I don’t think I’m going to get them anymore, I started to feel sick eating them today. Nevermind the level sugar for seven oreos alone is enough to fucking kill me. So yea, my brief adventure into forbidden foods has once again kinda back fired because now I don’t want to eat them.




*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚Happy Fall・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

Pumpkingirl for blog.png

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Okay Grandpa, can we not? Part

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Well that was wonderful. Mom and Baby Sister came out to visit me for the weekend. I haven’t seen them in awhile so it was really nice being able to hang out with Mom and both sisters. Nephew was also happy because he got lots of attention from four women, the little dork. A funny story about him, he took his very first step towards a little girl. He’s only one and already a massive flirt😘

As the title implies, Grandpa once again did something he was not supposed too. Where I live is a little local charity group that helps children in poverty and my Grandma is pretty much a lifetime volunteer with them. She’s one of the people that actually restarted it out here in the 90’s because for awhile it was defunct.

One of the things they do to raise money is make and sell Christmas wreaths and swags. They are really lovely and it’s like this town wide thing where everyone gets a wreath from them, even the school and all the businesses. The holidays really do tie this community together. While it’s not normally an issue, this year it was pain in the ass for exactly two reasons.

  1. Grandpa has a bad heart and enjoys pushing himself.
  2. And this happened 🙃:videotogif_2017.11.07_16.23.09.gif

Gathering greenery for the wreaths wasn’t too bad. My fingers went numb and I’m probably fighting off a cold but it was really pretty up there. I keep telling myself I need to go up and take pictures during the summer because it is so lovely and peaceful but I haven’t. Next year for sure. If I was on my own I could wander out to some of the cliff edges and get some proper shots of the valley. Trying to snap pictures from Grandpa’s moving truck is not ideal.

Thankfully this year we had a lot of help so Grandpa didn’t really need to cut any greenery except he totally went sneaking off to cut and I had to stalk him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself.

The Popular Stalking GIFs Everyone's Sharing

Actually me watching Grandpa

I gave up trying to cut any greenery and instead followed him around and randomly appeared to collect the branches he cut. He tried sneaking off twice but I’m like a freakin’ hawk. Can’t escape me Grandpa. I see you trying to reach over your head

I felt so bad for one of the high school students volunteering, she only had on sneakers. I had on snow boots, snow socks, and regular socks and my toes were still frozen. One of the other members brought a power saw and was literally cutting down some of the smaller trees and someone else had a tarp they would pack branches on and then drag back to the trucks. Totally made the whole process easier.

Animals | StareCat.com - Page 49

Actual photo of me traveling across the countryside

After lunch we were done. No one wanted to be up there in the snow and we had six trucks packed with greenery so it was called about an hour and half in.

I think I should mention we did have a permit to go up there. I swear it’s not like a bunch of old people, some high school students, and myself went sneaking up to the mountain with six trucks and a power saw to prune the trees in secrecy.

Today was a bit productive day. The weather was calm enough I was able to get all my hoses put away, buried all my saplings, the Iris-Yucca- Rhubarb patch, and my bushes in cut grass(which is going to be a pain next year to clean but at least frost won’t kill them), and managed to get a small burn pit dug so I can now properly dispose of all the damn weeds. Where I live I can burn, I’m not in city limits. Just thought I’d mention that.


A project I’ve been wanting to get done for awhile now is getting my dream catchers hung up. Well guess what? Dream catcher wall! They were hung on my cupboards and with cats that enjoy playing in the cupboards, it was only a matter time before one fell victim to tiny kitty paws. But now they are safe from little paws and properly displayed! Now if I could sell them that would be great. Of course I should probably be taking better pictures and actually updating my Etsy shop but I’m thinking that should wait until after the bazaar.

🍂Calories Ate: 597.1
🍂Calories Burned: 91
🍂Net Calories: 506.1
🍂Macro Nutrients: 56%

Food today was Udon noodles, baby corn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, frozen veggies, and some yellow bell pepper. Not pictured is the tortilla with avocado and salsa. So two meals, which is pretty good given how stressed about my weight I’ve been. There was not a whole lot of exercising going on today. I think I’m getting sick from going up in the woods 🤒

I have some cold medicine so I’m going to preemptively take the night time doses and see if that helps. Having my net be so high (I know it’s not but for me that’s like really high) is a little stressful but I can’t garden because it’s now hella cold and I just straight up have no energy. Good thing I have lots of vegetables and vitamins though! Gonna kick this cold’s ass before it even strikes 😤💪🏼🍵


*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚Happy Fall・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*Pumpkingirl for blog.png*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🍂☕🍂・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*


💀Mini pies💀 are the worst

*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

Today I wanted to try eating a little better so I actually planned out a meal and got a treat. Well the treat came in the form of one of those pre baked 💀mini pies💀 that I kinda hate. Today I remembered why I hate them. Since  like nearly ten years have passed since the last time I ate one I thought “Okay it’s probably not as bad as what I remember.” No, they really are still crappy.

I’m up 300 calories due to a shitty little 💀mini pie💀. I wanted to get some cookies but the 💀mini pie💀 was smore flavored and I like smores and did not want a whole huge pack of cookies. I wanted to puke, that was the most artificial thing I have ever ate and I hated it. I couldn’t even finish it. So yea, my little adventure into the forbidden evil foods back fired horribly because of 💀mini pies💀. I think I’m just going to stick to eating bananas. They’re high in calories but I actually enjoy eating them.

I took another look at the chicken shed. I think the framing is fine it’s just the siding. If I can replace the walls and re-do the floor the shed should be okay. Somewhere in the process of all that I need to get a new door since my cousins managed to break the original. Still not sure how they managed to literally pull it off but whatever it’s cheap plywood and I have to replace it anyway. There is an outlet in there too but I’m not sure if it actually connects to anything. It would be cool having heat lamps for the chickens during the winter so they wouldn’t get too cold. If the outlets are just decoration I need to come up with an insulation plan. Like even though the walls are completely ruined it wasn’t that cold in there so I’m thinking if I got proper wood siding and sealed it along with fixing the floor, even without heat lamps it should be relatively okay for them. Chickens GIF - Feed Chicken GIFs

Sleep has been illusive with me so I didn’t actually fall asleep until like 4 am. Needless to say I have not done any gardening. Well that’s not true. I transplanted two indoor plants, refreshed the soil in one, trimmed down my tomato, and watered them. So like basic indoor gardening.

To-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe

Two little tomatoes!

I even have two little strawberries coming in but they aren’t photo ready yet. All my outdoor potted plants had to be brought in last month due to some really bad frost. It hasn’t been super bad lately but I’m scared of putting them back outside. So far everything is doing okay indoors and since two of my fruit bearing plants are still bearing fruit, I guess they’re fine with the spot I have them at.


Work in progress for the bazaar I’m attending

🌸Calories Ate: 689
🌸Calories Burned: 219.8
🌸Net Calories: 469.2
🌸Macro Nutrients: 50%

Food today was apple slices, mixed vegetables, bell pepper slices, a Mandarin orange, and homemade potato salad with tofu. It was very filing and surprisingly low in calories. I’m thinking if I can keep making low calorie meals I can start eating maybe twice a day instead of just once. Overall, this was 262.67, the rest of the calories came from that stupid 💀mini pie💀 and a banana. So if I can repeat that meal three times a day that’ll bring me up to ~780 calories per day which is significantly better than what I’m doing. I need to start meal planning.




*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*


4th of July Bazaar


Yes I can make things. Things that you wear or your walls wear or even your plants wear just for fun. Speaking of fun. I had fun. Then my allergies attacked and it wasn’t so fun. I have two different brands of allergy relief pills but I can never remember which one makes me drowsy and I really didn’t want to fall asleep at my table seeing I was the only one watching it.

This whole lil event thingy took place in a tiny town that I live in. My particular section was hosted by the library. They asked for a $5 fee and I feel bad I didn’t give them $10. There were only three other vendors present.

My fun turned allergy nightmare day started off with me showing up two hours early because I’m like that and sitting awkwardly in my car waiting to set up my table. I didn’t write down what time I was supposed to show up and was too nervous to ask the ladies at the library when the vendors were supposed to set up.  Once the first vendor arrived and set up ( I spied on the library from my car to make sure it was okay) I awkwardly got out of my car, awkwardly asked what I where I was supposed to set up ( apparently where ever I could find room, which was everywhere because next to no one had arrived), and awkwardly struggled with my canopy. I felt a little awkward needless to say. Even at 25 I’m not fully socialized and everyone was older than me so I felt really childish.

I think I fretted about the placement of everything for like an hour before finally being happy with it. The last event I went to out here was in a building so I wasn’t able to hang dream catchers and they just don’t have the same charm laying down on a table. This time though I hung all of them up and it really brought in people. While no one bought one I did get a lot of positive feedback. I actually got nothing but positive feedback on all my stuff and people grabbed my business cards of their own volition. I’m spreading the word of PurpleCat! Yay me.

Here’s a free tip for people trying to jump-start their business in a tiny town:  If you make a sell at an event then you’re doing good. Small town people are very hard customers mainly because they tend to be on the poorer side or on very tight budgets. At each event change your prices to see where people are most comfortable with buying but don’t shortchange yourself. I only made five sells but that five sells over the two other vendors selling goods. The third vendor was selling some amazing quality produce so no matter what she’ll always do good at events.

Towards the end, the wind picked up and blew in everything that aggravates my allergies and I was pretty miserable for the last two hours. At one point I actually considered leaving early because my eyes were getting bloodshot. The bad thing about outdoor events is being allergic to nearly everything outdoors. My list is as follows:
– dust
– pollen
– several weeds and plants in the area
– firework smoke

My confusion about my pills is very inconvenient. I keep trying to test which one is the drowsy one at night but of course I fall asleep because it’s, you know, night and I’m tired.

Any who, hope everyone had a good fireworks day and enjoyed the festivities because I know I did 🙂