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😅 Um, so yea. I temporarily forgot about my blog.  Haha, whoops.

In my defense stuff was going on, like my medication giving my depressive episodes and lots of family visits.

Since the new year, I still have the eating disorder, my periods came back and I hate them but low key am happy, and I’m job hunting. If I have to work with my family one more summer I’m going to go insane.

I had a wonderful Christmas and nice News Years spent playing ESO. I’ve lived alone for so long I rather enjoyed having News Years all to myself. As much as I love my family I’m not that festive of a person so I prefer to be alone on holidays. I didn’t even buy a Christmas scented candle or play any holiday music. I swear I do enjoy the holidays  but my participation in them in near non-existent.

In an effort to combat the eating disorder, I’m started getting into fitness a little more. So far so good, I’ve been able to eat somewhat more regularly however I’m making super low-cal meals. So like yea, three meals a day! All about ~300 cals each. That still counts as progress right, I ask knowing full well that today I have no plans for eating if I don’t exercise.

I applied to work at a gym.

Maybe seeing people take control of their health in a positive manner will encourage me to do the same. Or back fire horrendously. At this point I don’t care I just want a paycheck. Family drama over the holidays has led me to seriously considering living in my car just to get away from them.

I totally would too if I didn’t have Clar and Dexter. As it stands, I’m looking at getting a little camper, buying a used truck, and moving to Portland. Great in theory if I had a job. While still technically employed on the farm,

  1. I’m going to go insane and probably irreparably damage my relationship with my Fubi’s side if I’m forced to be around him or his wife one more summer.
  2. I can’t save up any money if I’m only being paid once a month for three months and then not doing anything the rest of the year. Farm life sucks in the financial department.
  3. The hours and family drama cause too much stress and triggered the eating disorder to level it’s at now. I don’t want to know what another year will do to me.

So I’m on the hunt for a new job. I’ve been at it since the start of the month. So far there’s a lot of places hiring, been rejected for one, got an interview at another yesterday( & haven’t heard back 😭), and spent most of my morning filling out applications today. At some point someone is bound to hire me, right?

In more positive news, my Etsy shop had exactly 3 sales this holiday season. And I got a 5 star review 😄. At least I do good at events. My goal this year is too attend more events because at least at them I have decent sales. Online it really kinda sucks but at least I now officially have a review and some sales under my belt.

I got two new molds this year so I’m able to diversify the style of necklace I sell and I’m looking at getting a bit more rustic( I guess that’s the right term?) with the dream catchers. The problem is if everyone is unique then no one in unique, I’m just hoping I can stand out out enough to make at least one sell a month. Anywho, hello people. I’m going to attempt regular posting again 😙.

*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚⛄☕⛄・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*