Okay, Grandpa, can we not?

*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

My Grandpa has a bad heart. It’s so bad he has an implantable defibrillator. It was put in a couple days ago so what does he do? Goes out and enjoys the sunshine.

By cleaning up his yard (╬ಠ益ಠ)

Why old men do this I’ll never understand but they need to stop. My Grandpa needs to stop. So I was awake for like 30 minutes, haven’t even had AnnnNnYyy coffee, and I get a call from my Grandma. In a nutshell she wanted me to come over and help him out because he was “Cleaning up the yard and cutting branches.” Ah, hell no. I had plans today. I was going to fix up my yard. Nope.


Actual image of me outside gardening

Okay so I’m not mad. I don’t mind helping my Grandparents and I spent most of my time with my Grandpa outside. We got a lot done and it was so nice seeing him actually awake and active. He’s had heart issues since like 2009( first heart attack) and it’s been downhill since. I don’t know if heart disease runs in his family but I do know all the drinking, smoking, and cheese eating(I’m surprised that man isn’t made of cheese at this point) has been rough on his heart. Not to mention the jobs he’s done. He logged and worked at a mill then switched gears and became an alfalfa farmer. That shit is hard and even with modern farm equipment and having my Dad take over it’s still pretty rough on an old man.

Today seeing him get up, get a little bit of exercise, and be outside was really nice. Before this he was really tired and would spend the day off and on napping in his chair. According to my Grandma he’s been like this since he got the defibrillator. I’m really happy he’s active again. He still can’t do all the things he wants too and I know he’ll never be the same as before his heart attack but this little bit of progress is really comforting. He doesn’t have much longer but I’m happy the time he has left he’ll still have his independence and presence of mind. I never want to see my parents or grandparents completely invalid,  crippled by age and disease. On both sides of the family we have good genetics( I should mention he’s my step not biological grandpa) but seeing him makes me really want to care for myself.

I don’t want to spend an entire summer in and out of a hospital for something I could’ve prevented or at least mitigated the damage of. I may not eat a whole lot but at least what I do eat is healthy. Except for the Pepsi I had today but I really really  needed the caffeine.  Carrying Indian rocks about ~30 feet and then hauling wood palettes and other pieces of wood another ~100 feet is really tiring. Not to mention I’m doing this in feckin’ sand and dodging Sagebrush on my way to the burn pit. And it was hot today, which I mean is nice and all but a breeze would’ve been really nice.

Yea so my Grandparents now have a relatively fixed up yard and my Grandpa is going to look at the chicken shed so I can get his opinion on what I need to do. He’s thinking because there’s mold the wood is actually press board not plywood. I don’t know nothing about wood but I know mold when I see it so we’ll see what happens there. They are actually a little excited about me potentially having chickens. Trying to get farm fresh eggs out here is a little hard despite everyone’s mother’s brother’s dog’s best friend’s cousin’s uncle raising and selling chicken eggs. Like where are the sellers? I want guilt free farm fresh eggs. I’ll just get my own chickens and name them after my ancestors. I have some ancestors with names that would fit really well on chickens.

That’s a weird thing to say I know but it’s true. I want to get three chickens, all ladies, and name them after a grandma and two aunts.  I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear yet but I really adore chickens.

Hug Chicken GIF - Hug Chicken Kid GIFs

When my Mom was little her parents had some chickens, right up until the neighbor’s dogs got in and killed all of them, and there was a chicken who broke her wing. My Mom fixed her up and trained the chicken to perch on her shoulder. I don’t want a chicken to break her wing but it would be cool having them trained to do stuff like that. Chickens are smart and sweet and I love them and their little chicken faces. Like they look pissed off all the time but I think it’s cute.

🎃Calories Ate: 795.7
🎃Calories Burned: 429
🎃Net Calories: 366.6
🎃Macro Nutrients: 59% ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Like I said earlier, I had a banana, a Pepsi, then two vegan burgers( my Grandparent’s bought me so I could eat at their place when I visit), with some tomato and onion. They didn’t have any bread so it wasn’t a sandwich, just two patties with some tomato and onion. Coming home I didn’t really feel like eating but I thought I probably should so I could have at least two meals. It was a tofu-veggie scramble with another banana and bell pepper slices. That was my last banana. Fare thee well banana. I need to get more.

By the way, does everything look okay with me doing some fall theming? I’m a bit Gothic and minimal but I like the idea of having a more colorful blog that flows with the seasons. Like just something I could do throughout the year to shake things up a little but not change the overall tone of my blog.

Like I’m using this blog as a way to hold myself accountable for whatever e.d I have and hopeful set myself on the right track as well as just talk about things. I’m really closed off and it’s taken me seven years to tell my best friend I was abused as a child. Like I have communication and trust issues. Writing on here legit makes me want to get better and deal with my problems. It’s also really nice having to do something everyday. I want to post as consistently as possible and that means I have to do something everyday so I can write and not regurgitate the same old stuff over and over again. I feel like I’m doing that with the chicken shed but I’m just excited for chickens. Also I love chickens. ♥️🐣♥️




*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*


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