Spider in my bra

*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

Today was a bit of a productive day all things considered. There’s a decrepit looking chicken coop that housed a pony at one point on the property I live at. Why someone decided to put a pony in a shed made for chickens is beyond me but then again it was my cousins so God only knows what goes on in their brain. Anywho, the chicken shed I wanted to get cleaned up is a no-go. I don’t honestly don’t even know how it’s still standing. On the outside it looks like real wood and it looks fine. On the inside it’s just cheap plywood and it’s falling apart. 20171027_124502.jpg

Oh my God. Look at that mold. I left the coop after this because I wasn’t wearing a mask. The photo does not illustrate how bad it really is.


Like it would be so easy for a coyote or a badger to get in here and kill the chickens. The ground is nothing but sand. Easily dug through sand. Oh and more mold. I’m surprised this place wasn’t covered in spiders and scorpions but the mold probably killed them.


And this is all the random crap I found in here. Why 3 empty coffee cans? Why a fish tank? Why two brands that were not used on the pony? Why the fuck is the door off it’s hinges and how did they manage to break it? God only knows because I sure don’t.

So yea, I just need to buy plans, tear this thing down, and build a proper chicken coop not made out of cheap plywood. Soooo much extra work for me but I really want chickens. I like eggs. I miss eggs. I’m one of those vegans that went vegan because I feel bad for the abused animals but if I knew for sure the animals were being treated better I would go back to eating/using animal products. So if I got my own chickens they would be feed the proper foods, they would be allowed to roam (well in a fenced off section but it would be large), and I know for sure they would be well cared for because I would be the one caring for them. So guilt free eggs and even better I could share the eggs with family so they wouldn’t have to get them from store. ♥️🐣♥️

Remember this? 1073.jpg

Well now it looks like this:


Still not a whole lot done but now I have a clear section. And a whole lotta clean up. I need to dig a burn pit or get a stove or something because the level of weeds I’m pulling up is probably a brush fire hazard. Tomorrow my goal is to actually make it to the little maple tree which is practically invisible in the picture but I swear it’s still there!

The driveway is probably like two feet bigger than what I think it is. My cousins did zero outside work so the weeds have had like three years to grow unchallenged and they are about two feet into the driveway. So part of my gardening plan and having daffodils line the drive way probably won’t happen anytime soon. To get the line started I have to dig up fully mature sagebrush and pull up weeds embedded in gravel- part of the reason why so little progress was made today. Oh joy. I’ve dug up juveniles and it is such hassle because their roots go deep out here and to deal with mature sagebrush is a nightmare.

I like sagebrush, I really do. It’s a great bush that naturally grows here, it’s heat, cold, animal, and drought resistant, it harbors birds and rabbits, and it gets tall so it’s a great natural hedge and I’m really reluctant to dig any up. It’s worth it for the daffodils though. Not sure if I’ll remember that when I’m waist deep in sand trying to get the root dug up so it doesn’t regrow but right now I’m just picturing happy little daffodils next Spring.

While taking the picture to show off my weed digging skills, I felt this weird little tap on my back. I thought okay it’s probably my bra and I just shifted weird so whatever. Then I felt it again but a little higher. So I reach under my shirt to feel my bra thinking I must’ve twisted the strap and the tapping I feel is my bra shifting.
Didn’t feel anything.
Bra strap not twisted.
I’m a little worried.
Little tap again.
Okay now I know for sure something is in my shirt so I reach back again and this time my finger close around something small and hard.
I scream.
My phone drops to the ground.
A spider falls out of my shirt and crawls into the weeds.
Fml, I hate spiders. No idea how it managed to crawl unnoticed up the length of my body and get on my bra but it did and I fucking hate it. I haven’t been able to get comfortable at all after that. I’m so paranoid about a spider crawling me it’s ridiculous. I hate them. I hate kill them. I verbally abuse them before, during, and after I kill them. Naturally I live in a prefab house that isn’t entirely sealed so during the winter time I find a spider at least once a week crawling around like a little asshole.

I once a had a dream that spiders were all over my house and they kept chanting “This is our house now.” Then in my dream I fucking started hacking at them a sword screaming “THis is MY house!” And there was probably a lot of cussing too but I don’t remember. I had this dream after finding like three spiders( one being a male black widow) in my house in one day. I was not pleased.

I just got up to refill my water bottle and guess the fuck what I saw hanging out behind my sink. A spider. I fucking hate spiders. 🤜🏼🕷️😠

Food wise it has not been the best today. I ate more fruit but I’m so low in my overall calorie count I’m surprised I haven’t passed out. Tomorrow I wanna be brave and try to make a proper meal but we’ll see.

🌸Calories Ate: 350.2
🌸Calories Burned: 326.8
🌸Net Calories: 23.4
🌸Macro Nutrients: 53%- again mostly thanks to vitamins.

Today’s food was cream of wheat with almond slivers, pomegranate, apple slices, and a banana, topped with some raspberry flavored sugar. Like yay more fruit…. and not much else.





*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚*:.。. .。.:*

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