Trying something a little different

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Today has been good and bad. It’s bad in that I’m bloated up by two pounds and the only reason I can come up with is that I’m eating way too much salt. It’s good in that I’m trying to take care of myself a little better so I’ve been knocking back water and actually took my vitamins. I track macro nutrients so I have a ton of really nice of vitamins that often left forgotten in the cupboard. Not today though!

Due to being bloated I thought it would be nice to take a bath and relax and maybe that would help me feel a little better. Well it was great plan until I looked at the bathtub and realized it should probably be clean it first. It hasn’t been properly scrubbed it down in like a month. Mind you, I live alone so it’s not like things need to be cleaned super consistently and I am not a messy person to begin with but I thought if I was going to relax, might as well do it in a freshly cleaned tub. The whole thing turned into “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want milk…” and so on. Now my whole bathroom is clean and laundry is getting done and the kitchen is my next target. So much for relaxing in the bath tub but I do feel better.

What I really want to do is garden. I have a bag of daffodil bulbs I want to get planted for next year which getting them in the ground isn’t that big of a project. What is a big project is digging up the space where I want to put them. I realize now maybe pictures would helpful but it’s really cold and rainy outside so you’ll just have to make due with my crappy description. Where I live is covered in sage brush, sand, and weeds and where I want to put the bulbs is covered in weeds, baby sagebrush, and gravel because whoever graveled the driveway decided that the rocks need to be everywhere. Mowing the lawn next the driveway is a bit of a challenge. Like will I hit a rock and have it ruin the lawn mower or will it just make a lot of noise and fly off deeper into the lawn? Who knows but it stresses me out. There is literally an entire section next the house I can’t do anything too because of all the gravel. How I managed to get a Yew planted there this summer I don’t even know.

When the ground is wet it’s pretty easy to pull the weeds up and get the ground ready for the bulbs but issue is when the ground is wet that also means the wind is blowing and it’s probably rainy. Like today. We’re in the middle of a storm right now and that’s fine and dandy but I have outside stuff to do. When I do any sort of exercise I log it to see how many calories have been burned and when I garden I fucking garden so I burn a lot of calories which means I’ll treat myself to something a little higher in calories like pancakes with syrup and fruit. Can’t really justify surviving off of pancakes when I’m pretty much just playing Skyrim all day. Today I’m trying hard just to justify the noodles I ate.

As a way to like record myself, for better or worse, I want to start a food diary on here but given that I have ed tendencies I’m worried I’ll come off as pro-ana or something. Personally I don’t want to record my food and then have someone look a it and think they can survive off of my bad diet. Also I’m a little self conscience about what I eat. It tends to be the same couple of meals everyday. Part of that is I don’t care too much about variety and part of it the nearest grocery store is an hour and half away so I just grab what I know I can handle repeatedly. So lots of frozen veggies, noodles, and rice. I want to break by eating more fruit but if I buy food want to make a meal out of it and fruit has always been seen as a snack to me and I can’t justify buying a snack.

All my calories I allow myself to eat must go towards at least one full meal a day otherwise it feels like a binge. I can’t even eat a fucking banana without calling that a binge. I like fruit and I hate I’ve become so weird about it now. I suppose I could make like protein smoothies and have that be a meal replacement but I’ve never really liked smoothies. I blame Jamba Juice. Every time I got a smoothie from them it upset my stomach and now I just don’t like smoothies. Stupid Jamba Juice and all their lies. Smoothies are overrated anyways.

Anyways, maybe I’ll just post up my calorie count for the day. At it stands I don’t plan on eating anything else today so yea.
Calories Ate: 335.2 (=_=)
Calories Burned: 182.4 (=_=)
Net: 152.7 (ouch (=_=) )
Macro Nutrients: 42% completed. Not too bad thanks to the vitamins.


*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚🎃🍂🎃・゜゚・*:.。. .。.:*



3 thoughts on “Trying something a little different

    • I know 😦 I’m hoping the more I talk about it on here the better I feel at eating more. I’m really wanting to bring this up to my doctor but I’m not underweight so I don’t know if he’ll see this as an issue.

      • I really think you should bring it up with your doctor and see what he/she thinks of it. Even if you’re not underweight, you may as well be on your road to being underweight, or to an eating disorder. Its going to effect your mental health even more.
        I hope talking here helps you. Much love xx

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