***Morning Update***

I didn’t need to make a whole new post for this but whatever. Update on Sanu is he has a vet appointment on the 11th, so that’s good. I want to clarify, he isn’t going to dumped off at a shelter after the vet. I’m going to get him rehabbed and house trained. He’s isolated away from the other cats but I know he smells them. Anywho, he’s eaten and pooped and his poop looks kinda bad so I’m not sure if he’s dehydrated or sick. The smoke is bad here so I’m worried the whole reason I was able to catch him is because he’s sick from it. When I pet him nothing feels out of place nor does he have any sore spots. Given that he is a feral cat I’m surprised how easily he warmed up to me. I guess feeding him for a year helped. 
The whole day leading up to me catching him he’d been acting a little out of the norm. Like he was off and on the porch and at one point was laying down staring at the house. I don’t know if he is finally ready to be a house cat or wanted security away from the smoke. He isn’t afraid of house noises which helps with the whole rehabbing process.
I’m glad that Sanu is a male because if he was a female I would be terrified of leaving kittens behind. As it stands he is one less Tom cat wandering the countryside mating with females so that’s a big win. The country life is not forgiving to kitties that live outside.

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