Found another cat.

For an entire year I’ve been trying to gain this little guy’s trust. I’ve named him Sanu and he is feral. For an entire year he’s been living under my house and on occasion I gave him food when I saw him outside. Tonight he finally let me pet him and I finally finally caught him. I think between the heat, smoke, and coyotes he was ready to give up his bachelor life and be a pet. So,  now to  call the vet tomorrow and get him looked at. If you’re in Oregon he’s available for adoption- after I get him to the vet.  I already have 2 cats and I’m long term fostering one with special needs but I can’t turn my back on him. I also can’t keep him. So yea. Hit me up if you or anyone you know wants a cat that is probably a good mouse.  Despite being feral he’s actually doing pretty good around me. 

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