That one time I almost walked into a pot shop with my 10 month old nephew.

Some backstory for the story: I live two hours away from the nearest big town. Like where I live is countryside farmland rural and we don’t have any place to service cars. But we have like two for tractors. Which is pretty big for a tiny town with a population of ~1,000. So. In order to get to town for my appointment on time I have to wake up super early then go over to my sister’s house to pick up her and my nephew for grocery shopping. When all the things are two hours away going to the things becomes a family affair.

Be me. Wake up early, help sister with teething, tired nephew, driving two hours with only a single cup of luke warm coffee to sustain me. Be me arriving in town a little early for the car appointment. Be hungry. Have hungry sister. See a sign for a place that looks like a sushi restaurant. I like sushi- well vegetable sushi- and sister likes sushi. I pull in expecting to be feasting on yummy vegetable sushi before getting my car serviced. And then I saw “Recreational” on the door.

My sister, on the prowl for food, nephew on her hip, nearly opened the door before she also saw the “Recreational”. And then the guidelines restricting minors from entering the building. That was almost an oops. I don’t think in the history of pot shops has any two people ever stood outside looking as disappointed and embarrassed as us.

Moral of story: Don’t name your pot shops in manners similar to sushi restaurants or you’ll confuse the sleep deprived and hungry.

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